robbo.06's football chants

Total 12 Newcastle football chants submitted by robbo.06

16042 Terry Hibbitt On The Wing An old song for one of our better players.
17165 He's Big Lad Keegan A good old song.
17378 Cannon And Ball... Sang to Harry kewell after his wife apeared on Im a celeb.
17927 Johny Hall For the life president.
18943 Bobby Robson- Comin' Home The charity song made in his honour. (Ed: see Youtube for the tune)
20150 We'll Have Joy.. Another old chant.
20360 Leon's The Best If only it was true,
21687 And We've Won The Football League A change to the usual song, heard after Ipswich.
21909 Comin' Home Newcastle A good song for the Toon. (Ed: See Youtube)

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