reddevil555's football chants

Total 13 Plymouth football chants submitted by reddevil555

2940 Cheer Up Kevin Keegan Cheer up muppet Playlist
16773 City Goin Down we hate city
17152 Build a Bonfire Chanted at Bristol City fans.
17165 When Peter Goes Marching Down the Wing peter halmosi=legend
17389 Timar The beast.
17600 Red Red Robin Chant sung about Bristol City.
18947 Elland Road Is Closin Down Elland Road (ASDA carpark)
19167 Get Into 'Em Funny chant usually sung when we are losin
19638 Who Needs Ebanks-Blake We don't need him, Just look at what we did to Bristol City
19985 1 Port in England Chanted at Portsmouth fans
  Premier League Betting
22133 E I E I E I O Classic Plymouth chant.
22344 Have U Ever Sh*gged a Sheep? Chanted at Cardiff fans

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