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Total 105 Wolves football chants submitted by liam10wolves

4543 Let Him Die Sung to oppossing players when there injured
4566 Whats It Like to Follow Sh*t Well .....
5109 Baggies Home Tescos
5131 You Might Aswell Go home
5389 All Gone Quiet over There Sung when we've shut the opposition up Playlist
5642 S*it Refs We always get em
5697 The Rocks our defence
6171 On the Pitch QPR at home
6233 You're Not Very Good Sung when the opposite team are sh*t
6259 Sit Down and Behave Yourselves Thats better
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6702 Zubar big d*ck
6734 Going Down S*it are down
6801 You're Supposed to Be at Home Outsung and outplayed
6826 Who Put the Ball in the Man U Net? Super Kenny Miller!
7244 Goin Up Up Up WBA are going down
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