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Total 79 Plymouth football chants submitted by l99.watson

2132 You Are My Argyle ..my only Argyle Playlist
4645 We Paid For Your Hats Top rib tickler to have a go at dibble Playlist
8684 Cider, Cider.. The regional drink!! Playlist
9989 Holloway! Quality manager but Argyle fans showing what they thought of him during Argyle's 1-0 at Leicester after he left us Playlist
15403 Silly Stewards.. Argyle song for the stewards..
15463 Everywhere We Go.. ..People wanna know
15514 Arnason! Kari Arnason!
15559 Forever And Ever! Great song..
15774 I Wanna' Go Home.. Sang on away trips
16008 Que Sera Sera.. Haha got to laugh or we'll cry.
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16095 We Love You, We Love You, We Love You.. We love you..
16403 Green Army, Loyalist Army! new..
16487 Score In A Brothel.. When the oppositon have a sh*t shot..
16545 We All Hate City! ..
16619 Poor City Fan.. Another for Exeter
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