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2667 Everywhere We Go (Audio) Everywhere we go. WE HATE ARGYLE! Playlist
2671 Dale Cavese - Exeter Style Our Version! See Youtube for history of this chant! Playlist
2857 Cider (Classic Version) The Original Version Of Cider At Sheffield United! Playlist
3063 West Country's Number 1 We come from Exeter! Playlist
3201 Song for Our Stanno Exeter City striker, Adam Stansfield, known to fans as ‘Stanno’, died in August 2010 after a short battle with bowel cancer. Sung for over 2 minutes - tremendous support. Playlist
3962 Go Wild Wild Wild Get's the crowd going! Playlist
4959 Nah Ne-Nah Nah, City To The Tune Of Hey Jude Playlist
5003 This County Is Ours F*ck off to Cornwall Playlist
5651 We Love You, We Love You St Pauli classic adapted for City. Sang at Sheffield Utd. Playlist
6111 City (Clap) Classic Exeter City Song Playlist
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6170 You're Gonna Get Your Head Kicked In To Argyle.. Your gonna get your fu**ing head kicked in Playlist
6407 One Team in Devon ECFC.. One team in devon! Playlist
6586 West Country La La La ECFC.. West Country la la la Playlist
6666 The Red Flag Red Army Playlist
6890 You Are My City So please don't take my City away Playlist
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