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Total 38 Middlesbrough football chants submitted by james.rudge

2924 Let's Go Mental classic rouser Playlist
4312 Have You Ever Seen a Geordie Lift a Cup? Bloody Geordies Playlist
6515 We Can See You Sneaking Out Sung at fans leaving the stadium early Playlist
6704 You Fat... Picking out random fatties in the oppositions crowd Playlist
8082 Fat Greedy... Aimed at that fat Scumbag Australian Viduka Playlist
8836 Mark Viduka Classic Old MP3...he doesnt deserve it though tbh. Playlist
10274 Going to Wembley Wembley Here we come Playlist
15469 Capello Are You Listening Downing and Wheater
15711 Ricky Something For Sunderland's gaffer
15806 Alves Alves To the tune of Liverpools Torres song
  Premier League Betting
16056 Proud to Come from England Sung at Welsh..teams like Cardiff, Swansea and Hereford
16196 Shearer Wherever You Maybe Alan taking Newcastle to the Championship, lovely job
16279 Going Out FA Cup song
16639 We Got the Best Defence in the North Taken from Liverpools "we got the best midfield in the world"
17927 B-O-R-O Boro!
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