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Total 18 Melbourne City football chants submitted by hakz.14

158 Suarez Is a Racist Luiz Suarez is a Racist (Ed: Views are not of FanChants, this song was sung, we put it up) Playlist
732 Sampiyon Cimbombomum Laylaylay... Playlist
1958 We Love You - Melbourne We Love You Playlist
2160 Hearts A classic Melbourne Heart Chant Playlist
3108 Come on You Boys in Red Come on Heart Playlist
3130 We Hate Victory We hate the Victory scum Playlist
3133 Just Can't Get Enough Can't get enough of the Heart Playlist
3341 Sooo To the tune of "Drop it Like it's Hot" Playlist
3350 You Are in My Heart Bit of talking in the background but worth including! Playlist
3423 Yarraside Terrace Boys Goes on forever! Playlist
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3678 Dale Cavese - Melbourne City Melbourne Heart's version of the Dale Cavese chant Playlist
7421 Tifosi Melbourne The Victory mongs claim the song is theirs but here is our version of the chant that we were singing before them...Tsk. Playlist
12388 Ooh Aah Engelaar Chant for the 6ft 6 Dutch monster Playlist
13489 One Darren Fletcher There's only one Darren Fletcher Playlist
15104 Thursday Nights in Amsterdam We all hate Leeds Scum and we're off to Amsterdam Playlist
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