calw_111's football chants

Total 13 Cardiff City football chants submitted by calw_111

5864 Swansea Run from Cardiff jacks running away
7565 Olympic Diving Champion Jordi Gomez song
8341 Wax on Wax Off Sung at bald opposing fans at the games
10500 His Name Is Gerrard A brilliant song in the tune of 'You are my Sunshine'
13154 Gavin Rae Sung at a woeful player
13693 Cheer Up Sung at opposing fans when winning the game
18744 That's Roberto A brilliant song in the tune of 'That's Amore'
19305 Score in a Brothel 'Avin a go at the opposing team after a wasted chance
19663 C-A-R-D-I-F-F (Full Version) Sergeant Major
19870 Come on a Skateboard Sung in the Grange at the away fans
  Premier League Betting
20304 Super Eddie Johnson! Super ED chant after his first goal (Good Youtube)

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