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Total 42 Sunderland football chants submitted by ben_3-16

14110 There's A Circus (Sung To The Mags ) The mags are clowns
14327 Shearer Has Only Got One Ball Shearer has only got one ball
14329 We Hate Cockneys hate the Cockneys!
14557 You Don't Know What Ya Doing referee doesn't know what he's doing
14769 Lets All Laugh At West Brom Sung to the Baggies cos they are going down
14780 Newcastle Lasses Are Dogs all of them are dogs
15009 Anton - His Names Not Rio Anton Ferdinand of our best defenders
15019 We'll Be Coming It is sang on the way to every away game
15234 What Do You Think Of The Mags Hated with a passion
15244 Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (Ce Se Ra) Sing to the Boro and Baggies
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15253 Fat Sam Sung to Blackburn's manager
15471 Jones Scores Goals Galore Tune of: Come By Yar
15692 We All Love Sunderland Same chune as we all hate mag scum
15906 Anton Ferdinand In Tune Of Adams Family Anton ferdinand song SAFC
16140 Going Down With The Boro Boro going down
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