acehh9's football chants

Total 8 Gillingham football chants submitted by acehh9

16185 Get Yer Tits Out Sung to fat bloke in the stands. Tune is the same as "you're not singing anymore"
16399 Ei Ei Eio Sung when we are goin' up
17108 The Home Of The Shouting Men This is my interpretation of the lyrics so there might be mistakes. This is less of a chant, the song is played just before the players come out of the tunnel
17300 S.T.I.M.M.O Sung to the tune of this old man...
18095 The Greatest Sung to the tune of the famous 'Wild Rover'
18534 Molly Malone Heard sometimes from the Rainham End
21610 We Keyed Your Minibus! Sung by some guys behind us at the Burton game in the FA Cup. It was directed at Paul Peschisolido. Sung to the tune of "You are recycling"

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